White beaches and turquoise water 


When weather conditions are right, we can take you 20 miles off the coast of Roatan to the gorgeous Cayos Cochinos, an archipelago of 15 stunning small islands. This full day of fun has something for everyone.

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Fishing & Snorkeling

We will be fishing on the way to and from Cayos Cochinos. There is great fishing to be found in these waters and we will serve fresh Sashimi on board if we catch tuna! Once we arrive to the pristine Marine Park of Cayos Cochinos, we offer you the opportunity to go for an unforgettable snorkel in the clear teal waters. Snorkel gear, life jackets for children and adults along with floating "noodles" will be provided to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable snorkel. We have ample time to take in the private beautiful white beaches and turquoise water.


Breakfast, fruit, free flowing drinks, lunch, snacks, and the required entrance fee to the Cayos Cochinos Marine Park are all included in the price.

Approximate trip time: 9 hours (Leaving West End around 7am-4pm)

Check out our most frequently asked questions and what you need to know before you visit us.

check out the views from our trips to cayos cochinos

See our 42' Hatteras yachts, Ruthless and Reel Action, gliding over the clear blue waters of Roatan while fishing and enjoying the views. We love taking guests along the Northshore of Roatan and to Cayos Cochinos.

Garifuna culture & more

We will show you around the beautiful cays and we will anchor by 'Chachahuate Island'. This small village cay is home to the local Garifuna tribe who will prepare us a nice island cuisine lunch and allow us to experience their unique culture on their secluded island.




We at Ruthless Roatan Charters care a lot for the local Garifuna families in Cayos Cochinos and we often get the question 'What can we bring to help?' If you are interested in bringing something to Cayos Cochinos, we would recommend necessities like clothing, school supplies or medications. These items are always welcome and will be received by them with much gratitude!

Our generous guests delivering school supplies to the locals of Chachahuate Island

Our generous guests delivering school supplies to the locals of Chachahuate Island

Weather dependent 

We like to remind our guests, that Cayos Cochinos sits over 20 miles off the coast of Roatan and typically takes about one hour in travel time to arrive there. Wind and water conditions play a vital role in ensuring our guests can have a comfortable journey to these islands as we travel into open ocean. Rest assured that our 42' Hatteras Yachts are built strong, but not all weather conditions will allow for a smooth ride. This is why we typically ask for a range of dates that you are in Roatan so we can look for the best weather window. 

For those guests, who might prefer a bit more of a comfortable journey that allows us to stay closer to shore where water conditions are smooth, but still experience the clear, turquoise waters, exclusive snorkeling spots, and dynamic fishing please read more about our Northshore trip! 

Roatan was magical, the Ruthless trip to Cayos was magic on steroids! We will be returning to Roatan and there is no way we will do it without booking another trip with Tim and crew.
— Christin H. April, 2018

Reserve a Private Boat

all of our trips can be made private. just ask us how.

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With Ruthless, on all our island day excursions, we will always fish on the way to and from each destination. In the morning when we pick you up from West End at 7am coffee, juice and water is served with a nice breakfast spread, fruit, snacks and all your drinks are included all day; Lunch will be set up at all of the destinations for that day. Snorkeling and sightseeing is always on the list (bring your cameras!). We will usually have around 2 hours at each place to explore, snorkel, eat and relax.

There will be a point when we will ask everyone on the charter what they would all like to do most; such as hang out a little longer, go fishing, or snorkel a little more. There are always a few options to make the day more fun and fitting for everyone! On our way home we will fish and of course look out for dolphins, whale sharks, sperm and pilot whalesIf we catch fish like tunas we will filet them up and make Sashimi with Wasabi dipping sauce! Yum! These trips are a real blast and you will go home with a memory to last a lifetime!

Learn more about what you can bring and what to leave at home before you visit us.

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