Turquoise Water & Lush Mangroves

Experience crystal clear water, pristine snorkeling, and stunning views of Roatan's dramatic coastline on our Northshore trip. Get away from the crowds without long, rough boat rides. This day trip offers the best parts of Roatan, less traveled.  

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Smooth traveling with dramatic views

One of the best features guests love about our Northshore trip is the ease and comfort of traveling inside the reef, close to the shore. By traveling closer to the island, the large rolling hills of Roatan offer protection from the wind which typically gives us smooth, calm waters to glide over. Our boats are just the right size, to explore in through the gorgeous lush mangrove cuts close to the island. We have ample time to take in the expansive stretches of turquoise water and beautiful beaches.


Breakfast, fruit, free flowing drinks, lunch, snacks, and the daily entrance fee to the Roatan Marine Park are all included in the price.

Approximate trip time: 8 hours (Leaving West End around 8am-4pm)

Check out our most frequently asked questions and what you need to know before you visit us.

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Snorkeling at Big Bight

Go for a snorkel on Roatan's best, private areas of the reef, away from the crowds and protected from boat traffic. These clear, teal waters make up Roatan's world famous Mesoamerican reef, the second largest in the world only behind the Great Barrier Reef.

Snorkel gear, life jackets for children and adults along with floating "noodles" will be provided to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable snorkel. 

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Deep Sea & Fly Fishing

We will deep sea fish along the outside of the reef. This rich stretch of coastline is home to the islands' bountiful black fin tuna and maybe even a Mahi mahi or Wahoo. If we catch tuna, we will happily serve you some of the freshest Sashimi you've ever had! 

The Northshore is also perfect for all you fly fishers out there! This trip offers Sight Flats Fishing, we provide the spinner rods you can throw inside the flats.

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Join us for a great boat trip through Roatan's turquoise waters , following the North Shore of Roatan up to Punta Gorda and enjoy the amazing music and dance of the Garifuna!

Punta Gorda & Garifuna culture 

We're happy to show you around's Roatan first settlement of the Garifuna people, in Punta Gorda. This friendly community is full of traditions whether it's their island cuisine, colorful displays of island dance moves, or trusted fishing techniques.  

The colorful town of Punta Gorda sits on the North east shore of Roatan making it a must-see stop while on Roatan. The Garifuna people here love to share their culture and maybe you might even decide to try some Giffity, the traditional Garifuna drink.   





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Reserve a Private Boat

All of our trips can be made private. just ask us how.


With Ruthless, on all our island day excursions, we will always fish when possible. In the morning when we pick you up from West End at 7am coffee, juice and water is served with a nice breakfast spread, fruit, snacks and all your drinks are included all day; Lunch will be set up at all of the destinations for that day. Snorkeling and sightseeing is always on the list (bring your cameras!). We will usually have around 2 hours at each place to explore, snorkel, eat and relax.

There will be a point when we will ask everyone on the charter what they would all like to do most; such as hang out a little longer, go fishing, or snorkel a little more. There are always a few options to make the day more fun and fitting for everyone! On our way home we will fish and of course look out for dolphins, whale sharks, sperm and pilot whales. If we catch fish like tunas we will filet them up and make Sashimi with Wasabi dipping sauce! Yum! These trips are a real blast and you will go home with a memory to last a lifetime!

Learn more about what you can bring and what to leave at home before you visit us.

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